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Owners: Jonathon & Dorothy Shrock, Lexington, IN - (812) 830-0784

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We are the Jonathan and Dorothy Shrock family in Southern Indiana! God has blessed us richly with one son and seven daughters.

We live on a 60-cow dairy farm with lots of calves for the girls to feed and bed! We also have chickens, bunnies, a goat, and a lamb to help trim the many weeds that grow in summertime on our creek bank! We have enjoyed raising puppies for several years now and our little girls are always sad to see them leave just as they get to be so playful and cuddly but soon after we’ll have more which is always fun!

Mark our son is our handy fixit man and works at Built Rite mini barn shop then evenings and weekends he works on his hobby job of building custom made dog houses, hutches, chicken coops or whatever the need may be!

Marilyn enjoys and does a really good job of caring for our dogs and dairy! Laura also loves bathing pups and helps a lot on the dairy, Leah and Neoma take care of our chicken flock and bottle feed Woolie, the lamb! Katie, Beth and Julie just gotta go along to do puppy chores as there’s sure to be some pups just waiting to give them sweet puppy kisses and to run and play with them for a while!

As a family we enjoy campfire suppers and holiday dinners with lots of family time, especially when Uncle Joe & Kathy from Kentucky (Blessed Hope Kennels) brings their family! Everyone whoops and hollers and can’t wait till they all get together!

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We are located near: Lexington, IN 47138